Monday, April 1, 2013

Forrest Fenn and Treasure in Santa Fe

Forrest Fenn and Treasure in Santa Fe

You heard me right, gold in Santa Fe just waiting for the lucky treasure hunter who can unlock the key in Forrest Fenn’s latest self published book The Thrill of the Chase his autobiography.  Apparently clues to discovering the gold are hidden in the book, which can be found for sale on Amazon for $75 or at  Collected Works Books bookstore in Santa Fe with part of the sale going to charity.  Or if you don’t want to shell out the bucks you can get Mr. Maxwell J. Steele’s Kindle version, also the author of Winning Slot Machine Strategies, for only 2.99.  For those of us who know Forrest, I being one of them, we have little doubt that he did just that; why not, he’s an art dealer and we do crazy stuff especially if it causes interest in history and antiquities. But if you can’t find the loot you’re still in luck because there’s gold everywhere in Santa Fe, it’s a known fact.  I’ll share some gems and you won’t even have to spend any money on Kindle.

24K hand gilded frames are on every gallery wall, and you can own this gold just by buying the art, the gold is free...

Golden Adobe Dancing Light, Mark Sublette

Any summer afternoon will provide a light show of golden adobe bouncing off the setting sun.  Head to the Pink Adobe, order a Margarita using Patron Gold Tequila and you’re in for a double dose of golden moments.

If you can’t make summer, don’t worry Fall has great golden opportunities as well, the golden delicious apples ripen and we find them plentiful in numbers at our renowned farmers market in the Rail yard district, or simply walk up Canyon Road and pick them off the trees. 

If your older, come spend your golden years in Santa Fe; it’s the #2 Art Market in the country which abounds with world class food and entertainment. There will plenty of golden sunsets to last a life time.

Finally as I get ready to release my next Charles Bloom sequel Kayenta Crossing this summer I just wanted to let you know there might be some clues in the book to my own treasure chest which I will hide say at 602A Canyon Road; it won’t be filled with gold or for that matter it won’t really be an actual chest but then again the fun is in the hunt and Santa Fe never disappoints and of course that’s where my story takes place.

Kayenta Crossing On sale June 1st, 2013 

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