Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Art Dealer's Diary

Why an art dealer diary? If you are looking for inner secrets of life as an art dealer perhaps you will get a glimpse; I have never kept a diary, much less a blog, so I don’t know what to expect. What I do hope to accomplish is to share my world: what I feel and experience during my daily routine as an art dealer along with interesting articles, websites, and updates that peak my curiosity.
The fact I’m writing this blog is my first comment on the current trend of the art world. The direction I believe all artists and galleries should be heading toward is technology, content, and communication. I invite you to check out Medicine Man Gallery’s’ Facebook, site a place for sneak previews of art and special images that excite my own artistic aesthetics. I also encourage readers to leave comments on my blog as this adds to my own understanding of what is of interest or not.
With this first official entry I’m now a blogger, embracing the 21st century and sharing the inner sanctum of what it means to be an art dealer. Now it’s off to answer another email; that’s what art dealers really do….

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